Home Care Rates

About the Resource

We review and publish the latest home care rates for Victoria BC. Included in our survey is key information including prices, cancellation policies, minimum hours per week or per visit and if they pay a living wage.

  • Listed by Availability of and Cost of Skilled Caregiving. Can be re-filtered by any column.
  • All known local businesses that offer home personal care services and can be reached are included. (15)
  • Businesses operating staff as contractors, against labour law, have been excluded. (2)
  • Rates may be rounded to the nearest dollar
  • In 2019 the Living Wage for Victoria is $19.39 per hour. 2020 rates have been postponed due to COVID.
  • This page is supported by Community Plus – Home Care & Nursing
To have a home care service added or to update this information please email CommunityAdvocateVIC@gmail.com

Home Care Master Table - Victoria, BC

Home Care AgenciesBiz TypeMain Phone #Living Wage
Cancellation Fee
(Without notice)
Skilled Caregiver
1 hour
Skilled Caregiver
2 hour
Skilled Caregiver
3 hour
Companion Visit
2 hours
Companion Visit
3 hours
Sleep Night Care
12 hour
Awake Night Care
8 hour
Live-in Care
24 hour
Driving Escort
Cost per KM ($)
1 hour
1 hour
FootcareOther PolicyLast updated
Community PlusIndependent250-658-6508Yes
$22 Caregiver, $34 LPN, $43 RN
24h1/2 rate on all hours42373737373043044550.55587575OT, PT, & Podiatry services available2020 07
Saint ElizabethNational778-488-0410No24hFull rate up to 4 hours4338383535-300-0.55----2020 07
BayshoreNational250-370-2253No24hFull rate up to 4 hours48383838382903044550.504965--2020 07
Van Isle Home CareIndependent250-519-2984No24hFull rate up to 4 hours-37373737-296-1.00---Formerly Retire-at-Home franchise2020 07
Pacific CoastIndependent250-389-0202No24hFull rate on all hours-38383636-304440-556960Formerly CBI-WeCare branch2020 07
Care & CompanyIndependent250-382-2328No24hFull rate up to 4 hours-383836362603044200.95--85$89 Intake fee2020 07
Just Like FamilyFranchise250-888-8211Yes24h--38383838--4250.70----2020 08
SerenityIndependent250-590-8098No24hFull rate on all hours-393939393093904990.70----2020 07
Nurse Next Door VictoriaFranchise250-590-5519No24hFull rate up to 4 hours-40404040-360-0.65-80--2020 07
QualicareFranchise250-220-0189No24hFull rate on all hours-403640362722724420.805575--2020 07
Luxcare Senior CareIndependent250-590-1689No24hFull rate on all hours--39-373603124730.50556565Rates may be higher based on care requirements2020 02
Comfort KeepersFranchise778-265-5999No1 week1/2 rate on all hours--42-42-3366000.80--60Minimum 9 hours per week2019 07
ComForCareFranchise778-265-3393No24hFull rate up to 4 hours---3737-296------2020 07
Home InsteadFranchise250-382-6565No24hFull rate on all hours---4340-320-1.20---Minimum 8 hours per week2020 07
Home Care AssistanceFranchise250-800-9644No24hFull rate on all hours----39--------2019 08
To quickly estimate the cost of hourly home care:
1 hour of service every day for a month, with tax, costs roughly $1200 - $1400 per month.
Multiply the hours of support needed each day by those numbers for a cost range.